Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last week I turned TWO! Let me tell you, ONE was a very busy year. I guess when you turn one you are able to start trying out TheBigBoyDogSports.

We tried Flyball at Working Dog Farm's Border Collie Bash:

And Sniff it at a Wag-It! Games workshop (obviously, I'm the white BC in this video):

I tried Dock Diving. Mom didn't get a video of me, but I jumped 7 feet. Here are some of my friends trying it out:

And then Mom showed me a video of something called AGILITY. I was mesmerized:

So we started taking classes, and we've been practicing a lot in the backyard. Here is me with the weave poles:

But my all-time favorite thing to do is still just to go for walks and play frisbee with Mom.

And strike poses. I'm a poser.

And for my birthday I got presents.

Which I of course had to unwrap and explore.

I might be deaf, but I still prefer the squeaky balls:

Can't wait to see what adventures I'll have this year!

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  1. Happy Birthday, brother Dandelion!!!!!