Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good Times

Well, the Super Scary Monster turned out to not be that scary after all.  My foster sister Eve got adopted, but not before we learned how to live happily together.

Here is a video Mom made to show Eve's new Mom how we learned to live with each other:

Since Eve's been gone, Mom and I have been getting back into agility.  We went to my very first Fun Run at Happy Tails and, well, had fun!

Mom says that, yes, she knows I need to work on my starts.  She's adding that to contacts, weave poles, table and about 80 other things.  But all in all, I think its pretty clear I like doing agility and being deaf hasn't slowed me down at all.

Other than that, life's pretty much been just a walk in the park up here in Freeport.  Literally.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monster! And its not even Halloween yet....

About a month ago, Mom brought home a monster.

Okay, its not a monster, but she is scary.  Luckily she will not being staying with us forever,  just until she finds her forever home.  Her name is Eve, and she my foster sister from New England Border Collie Rescue.  Mom promises that we will find her a home as quickly as possible, and that I will get a big reward for putting up with her when she leaves.

What is so scary about her?  She is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad PUPPY. Well, a one year old puppy, but a puppy none the less.  Did I mention I hate puppies?

Okay, maybe not all the time:

This is a video of her (note the cool logo at the beginning):

And you can find out a whole bunch more about her here:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staying Cool

Summer = HOT!

So, let's all review the many, many, many ways to stay cool when its nasty hot outside.


The bigger the better, in my opinion, but a simple kiddie pool will certainly do the trick!


Don't underestimate how much the wind in your fur can cool you off!  
Just be sure to always wear your life jacket.

Hoses and Sprinklers

Hours of fun, chasing something you will never completely catch.

 The Beach

Seriously, who doesn't love the beach?

Nice cool water to swim in.

Buried treasures, just waiting to be found. 

Just be sure to watch out for sea monsters....


Okay, not just docks.

Anything you can jump off into water is fun.

Hope you all are having just as much fun staying cool as we are!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Know Its Spring Cause.....

.... Mom doesn't want to do anything except lay in the sun.

 .... I am wet and dirty more than I am clean and dry.

.... Mom's feet are wet and dirty more than they are clean and dry.

.... trees turn pink.

.... mud puddles magically appear everywhere.

.... baseball hunting season begins.

.... and lawns need to be mowed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Today was the first time in about a month I was allowed to run off leash in the woods.  I'm a bit of a maniac, and last time we went in the woods I managed to give myself some sort of soft tissue injury.... or at least thats what the vet thinks.

But, today I was finally allowed to race through all those wonderful spring mud puddles....

And scale all the boulders....

 And sniff all the wonderful smells.  Oh wait, I was allowed to do that before....

Still haven't gotten back into jogging with Mom or doing agility in the backyard, but if I make it this whole week without limping she said she'd think about it.  I guess she never realized how much she likes doing agility with me, or how out of shape she'd get without me pushing her that extra mile.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brother From My OTHER Mother

Once upon a time I had a brother. Well, I had (have) five brothers, but whose counting....

Anyways, one of those brothers is Kiefer. He was born deaf, like me, and now is the star of his very own children's book called My Dog Kiefer!

He's been very busy visiting schools and even made an appearance on the tv show Fox and Friends!

Please click on all those links to see all the awesome things he's been doing for dogs and people with disabilities alike!

And let me say, he did a very good job showing off his tricks on tv. I know cause I watched:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last week I turned TWO! Let me tell you, ONE was a very busy year. I guess when you turn one you are able to start trying out TheBigBoyDogSports.

We tried Flyball at Working Dog Farm's Border Collie Bash:

And Sniff it at a Wag-It! Games workshop (obviously, I'm the white BC in this video):

I tried Dock Diving. Mom didn't get a video of me, but I jumped 7 feet. Here are some of my friends trying it out:

And then Mom showed me a video of something called AGILITY. I was mesmerized:

So we started taking classes, and we've been practicing a lot in the backyard. Here is me with the weave poles:

But my all-time favorite thing to do is still just to go for walks and play frisbee with Mom.

And strike poses. I'm a poser.

And for my birthday I got presents.

Which I of course had to unwrap and explore.

I might be deaf, but I still prefer the squeaky balls:

Can't wait to see what adventures I'll have this year!