Monday, August 16, 2010

LL Bean Dog Days of Summer

Woohoo! I went to my first dog festival and it was AWESOME!! Soooooo many dogs and yummy samples that it was my job to test. Mom and I tried the agility course and she said I did really good for it being in the middle of a parking lot surrounded by a million other dogs and people. The trainer lady had this really cool furry toy that I got to play with after I went through the tunnel or over the jump or whatever. While we were waiting in line the photographer lady from LL Bean came over and took my picture (cause ya'know I was the cutest puppy there) and she posted it on her blog.

Check it out:

I chose to do my classic 'eyes peeping over the water bowl' pose. Maybe, it we walk by the store often enough then they'll ask me to model in their catalog....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These Days

Nothing too new to report these days. Mom's been trying to teach me frisbee, but she keeps saying that I'm ADD, whatever that means. It sure is hard to remember to bring the frisbee back after I run and get it though, all those dandelions and leaves and feathers and bugs just asking to be eaten on the way back....

Oddly enough, I play a perfect game of fetch with the frisbee if Bryce is playing with me. I bring it right back and drop it at his feet. He's three.

Mom thinks my "I'm ready for you to throw the frisbee" pose is really cute. I guess I gotta agree.

Notice how I have one ear up and one ear down? That seems to be pretty permanent. Ever since I got my head stuck between two fence posts that ear has been up. Weird, huh?

Mom took care of someone named Zack today and he was sooooo much fun. He has something called Angelman Syndrome and is happy all the time. Plus, he loves to play in water like me AND played tug of war with me. Mom says I was really good with him, even when he pulled my tail!
This weekend is the LL Bean Dog Festival, which we will definitely be going to since it is practically in our back yard. Can't wait to see all the dogs and cool stuff on display!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Guess what? My brother Dru came to visit! He and his mom were in the area and they contacted Mom to see if we could get t
ogether for a play date and we did! So, we went over to the baseball field....

....and we ran....

....and we played....

...and we looked cute...

....and then we started to get tired so we took a break in the shade (oh do I love the shade). So we went back to the house for a drink and played some more....

....on the couch. (I'm the king of jumping on the couch and finding comfy spots by the way.)

And we were silly.

Mom says Dru is a really handsome guy. He has one blue eye and the other is a greenish goldish brownish color. Also, we went to the vet and I now weight 33.8 pounds! Not as big as Dru, but I'm getting there.