Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staying Cool

Summer = HOT!

So, let's all review the many, many, many ways to stay cool when its nasty hot outside.


The bigger the better, in my opinion, but a simple kiddie pool will certainly do the trick!


Don't underestimate how much the wind in your fur can cool you off!  
Just be sure to always wear your life jacket.

Hoses and Sprinklers

Hours of fun, chasing something you will never completely catch.

 The Beach

Seriously, who doesn't love the beach?

Nice cool water to swim in.

Buried treasures, just waiting to be found. 

Just be sure to watch out for sea monsters....


Okay, not just docks.

Anything you can jump off into water is fun.

Hope you all are having just as much fun staying cool as we are!

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