Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good Times

Well, the Super Scary Monster turned out to not be that scary after all.  My foster sister Eve got adopted, but not before we learned how to live happily together.

Here is a video Mom made to show Eve's new Mom how we learned to live with each other:

Since Eve's been gone, Mom and I have been getting back into agility.  We went to my very first Fun Run at Happy Tails and, well, had fun!

Mom says that, yes, she knows I need to work on my starts.  She's adding that to contacts, weave poles, table and about 80 other things.  But all in all, I think its pretty clear I like doing agility and being deaf hasn't slowed me down at all.

Other than that, life's pretty much been just a walk in the park up here in Freeport.  Literally.

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