Saturday, July 24, 2010

Digging For Horses and Chasing Airplanes

This week I graduated from puppy obedience class. (No pics, sorry.) So I'm really smart now and know all sorts of commands. Mom says now she's going to sign me up for another class of some kind, but she's not really sure what yet. Tricks? Rally? Intro to agility? So many choices....

I've also learned (through experience) a few really important things:

1. There is not a horse at the bottom of a hoof print. I dug and dug about 50 horse hoof prints up to make sure there wasn't one hidden in the ground somewhere. Then I saw a real one and realized they're just too big.

2. You cannot catch airplanes. Seriously, you don't even have a chance.

3. Cats are not that fun. And they hurt when they scratch.

4. Maine water is COLD!

5. You cannot catch shadows. Mom seriously thought about calling me Shadow because I went through a phase where all I wanted to do was chase them. I now know you can't catch them and if you're bored you can play with Mom or chew things.

6. Traffic cones aren't really that scary.

7. Empty plastic milk gallons are the best toy ever!!

8. Salt water gives you diarrhea.

Also, I want to clear up something. I am a BORDER COLLIE. People just don't have a clue what I am and they say the funniest things to Mom. Here are a few of them:

-Is that a wolf?

-That dog must be part Husky.

-That dog must be part Australian Shepard.

-What IS that?

-He looks like an arctic fox.

-He looks like a goat. (SERIOUSLY?!?! Come on....)

-Look at the pig Mommy! (This little girl obviously had no idea what she was talking about.)

Otherwise, life is good in Denali Land!



  1. Dear Denali,
    I see you have the same kind of ears as me! I'm done with puppy class to! I just started a Rally class. It's fun! Plus I get to go to some Agility Seminars, so that should be fun too. And my mom is looking for a tricks class for me. So, I think your mom should sign you up for all of them! Then we can compare notes! Sure wish you could come over for a play day!
    Your sister,

  2. ps - tell those people you are for sure a purebred border collie and our parents Ivy and Peat have the papers to prove it!

  3. Yes, my ears seem to flop, but only when I'm still (which is not often). When I'm playing or sleeping or chasing something I'm not supposed to they go up. They're wierd like that.

  4. Well, the only way to find out if horses are in the ground and if you can catch an airplane is to try it out!! Right? Keep experimenting and learning! Each time a I see a picture of you, I am shocked at how much you are growing. You have gone from a fluffy, puffy little Dandelion to a big, beautiful, Denali. The reason why no one knows what you are is because you are such an amazing, unique boy.
    Sending hugs and kisses your way!
    Love always!