Monday, August 2, 2010


Guess what? My brother Dru came to visit! He and his mom were in the area and they contacted Mom to see if we could get t
ogether for a play date and we did! So, we went over to the baseball field....

....and we ran....

....and we played....

...and we looked cute...

....and then we started to get tired so we took a break in the shade (oh do I love the shade). So we went back to the house for a drink and played some more....

....on the couch. (I'm the king of jumping on the couch and finding comfy spots by the way.)

And we were silly.

Mom says Dru is a really handsome guy. He has one blue eye and the other is a greenish goldish brownish color. Also, we went to the vet and I now weight 33.8 pounds! Not as big as Dru, but I'm getting there.


  1. How how fun!!!!! Hope I get to have a play day with you sometime soon, too! I went to the vet to get weighed on Saturday and I was 28.9 pounds!
    ~Dahlia ;)

  2. Someday Dahlia, we'll get to play too. My mom promises.

  3. Denali, you are such a silly boy! It looks like you had so much fun with your brother, Dru.
    You are both very handsome boys!!