Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sooo.... I changed my mind.
Sandy Beach isn't my favorite place in Freeport, Tidebrook is. Its this old farm that got turned into a conservation, but no one seems to know that it is public so you get it ALL TO YOURSELF!!
Mom and I went there the other day, but she wasn't walking fast enough so I kept having to stop and look back to make sure she knew the way.
But eventually we got to one of the old hay fields and I gave her my best "throw me the frisbee" look so she would know I was ready.

Then I started to get tired after a while and Mom said we need to take a break, so we stopped and took a rest while Mom read her book.

After a while I just admired the view and watched all the sea gulls flying around.... some day I'll have to try and catch one. I did catch quite a few grasshoppers though in the really tall grass.

And Mom and I did some cuddles.
But then I decided it was time to play some more frisbee. So we played and played and then I noticed that there were some people coming our way (I had never seen any other people at Tidebrook before).

One of them was in one of those chairs with wheels like that happy boy Zachary who was so much fun, so I thought I would bring her the frisbee to play with instead of Mom. So, I ran over and dropped it right in her lap. Mom says we were lucky she really liked dogs and thought it was cute cause I was not a very good boy for forgetting about her like that. But I can't help it sometimes cause I love people SOOOOO much!!

It turns out the lady was named Tika and she was 91 years old and owned Tidebrook. She was really happy to see people coming to enjoy it and said to stop by the house and say 'hi' sometime and check out all the dog training books she has. I guess she used to be really into dog training and had a whole bunch of dogs when she was able to walk. She seemed kinda lonely though and I think I might have to do something about that next time we go there....

Also we stopped by the vet the other day to sign up for some sort of really special appointment that Mom wanted to know about in advance so she could take a day off from work the next day to hang out with me. I don't really know what its for or what could possibly be such a big deal that she would need to observe me or anything like that.

Anyways, the vet weighed me and I was 43.8 pounds! I swear I'm not fat or anything and I get plenty of exercise. Look, here's a pic of my skinny self at Sandy Beach all wet. I guess I'm just gonna be a big border collie....


  1. He is just stunning, Katie! Sooo jealous of those *ears*!!!! :) Thanks so much for the photos and stories!