Monday, November 1, 2010

Look Familiar?

Hmmm..... where have you seen this look before?

White puppy, silly cone....

Well, I thought I'd take a cue from Kiefer and try it out for a bit.

Yes, I had to have something removed, but it wasn't because I ate something (you better believe Mom cleaned out all my toys real quick after she heard about my brother).

Mom said it was time to get my "boys" taken out. I don't know who my boys were since I had never seen them, but apparently its good that they're gone now. The vet said one of them was wierd shaped and took a wrong turn and had gotten lost somewhere. We found him though. The other one I guess was normal, and had decided to make an appearance after all. But he must not have been around long cause I never really met him.

Either way, Mom couldn't stand thinking that there might be something wrong with them. She was gonna hold out as long as possible so that I would develop the right way or something like that, but seeing as I'm only 8 months old and already 46 lbs, I don't think it will be a problem.

Note the awesome duct tape designs and massive chip out of the side of the cone. Yeah, I gave shattering it into smitherines a pretty good shot by running into about every door frame in the house, but Mom just put the pieces back together. She looked for a new one at the pet store, but they weren't clear and seeing as I'm already deaf, she didn't want to make me practically blind too.

Whatever, I just want this silly cone off my head.....

And when are we gonna get to play frisbee again?

Here's something else that might look familiar, NEBCR people and dogs!

Mom and I drove all the way up to Washington, Maine to this really cool farm to meet some people and dogs from NEBCR. We didn't get to stay long but it was really fun while we were there, and we got to see lots and lots of border collies and do some really fun things.

Mom says she has to give credit for this photo to Russ and Susan though, cause she stole it from them. Apparently she was too busy trying to teach this here giant white fluffball how to behave and not act like a wild idiot. Its all good though, I got to play with those dogs eventually.

Okay, time to go curl up with a good book and chill out so I can get these stitches out. Only a few more days and then I'm FREEEEEEEE!!


  1. Awwww!!! Denali, you really know how to pull off that cone look! My mom took me to Washington, ME this weekend, we were sad we didn't get to go the same weekend as you, though! Next time!!!!! Hope you get the cone off real quick and can get back to playing frisbee! Oh, you should try the Wag it Games, too, they are so much fun! I can ride a skateboard now!
    Your sister, Dahlia!

  2. My Sprollie Ben knows how you feel - he never met his boys either. Hope you feel better soon!