Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Week Ever!


1. I graduated from another obedience class and proved how super smart I am, yet again.

Mom says it took the first two weeks or so for me to stop staring at all the other dogs and actually pay any attention to her, but then I realized I was there to play games and work with Mom, not the other dogs. Apparently, if you do your job good, then the instructor gives you a certificate and a Kong toy! And now we can sign up for the next level of obedience.


Oh, my doG! This has to be the best holiday ever. Mom said that someone named Santa was coming to give me presents, so I waited and waited for him....
But, alas, he must have brought the presents while I was asleep.
He knew just what I wanted though: new frisbee, tug toys, treats, bones. And of course, it was good seeing all my human family. I showed Uncle Matt and (soon to be) Aunt Bekki how good my wrestling, I mean snuggling, skills are.

...and last but not least....
3. Not one, but TWO snow storms!

We got snow this week (well, not necessarily the same week, but in a 7 day period anyways) not once, but twice! Once in Maine right before we left and then again while we were in Connecticut visting Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Maddie.

Anyways, here are some pics of me and Oreo playing in the snow in Maine:

Oreo is Mom's Aunt Candy's dog and lives down the street from us, so we play all the time. She loves to roll in the snow and play chase with me.

And these are pics of me trying to run in the snow from the blizzard:
Yaaa hooo!!
Too deep!!!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying what snow they have as much as I am!


  1. Wow! That sure looks like fun, brother Denali!! I had lots and lots of fun, too! Congrats on graduating from another class! Very clever.
    You sister,

  2. Hey Denali,

    Congrats on graduating again! Where do you go visit in CT? My mom says maybe next time we could meet up??

    You look like you're having as much fun in the snow as I am!

    brother moss

  3. Oh my goodness Denali it looks like your are having fun in the snow. I like it too.

    Good job with your class!

    Your Vermont brother Dru.

  4. We go to Manchester. It would be awesome if we could meet up sometime!

  5. Happy New Year Katie and Denali!

  6. What a smart brother and good looking. Glad Santa was good to you.