Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am....


Today is my birthday and I am one year old!! Can you believe it? Mom can't. She says I still act like a big snuggly, goofball puppy.

So, let me share with you some things about me you might not know.

I am.... alarm clock. Permanently set for "too early".

....a toilet clogger. Some balls don't float, when will I remember that?

....a co-pilot. Eyes on the road at all times, you never know when a squirrel is gonna make an appearance.

....a couch potato. During those rare, calm moments when a guy just has to take a rest.

....a four-legged treadmill. What self-respecting dog isn't always willing to exercise their human?

....a digger. Snow, dirt, doesn't matter, I will get the job done.

....a swimmer. 'Water' is my middle name.

....a snowmonster. Snow is just another form of water, you know.

....a smarty-pants. I'm still a BC, even if I don't look like one and can't hear.

....a wrestler. My neighbor Wes is teaching me to box, too. obsessive fetcher. You think you are safe in the shower, but think again! A ball or frisbee might just magically appear in the tub with you! Mu hu ha ha ha!

So what did I do to celebrate my birthday you ask? Well, Mom and I went for an extra long walk at Winslow Park. It was wicked warm (40's) so all the snow was melting and there was MUD!!

Let's just say I wasn't even close to being white by the end of the walk.

Anyways, gotta go! Apparently, I have to go open some presents now!


  1. Happy Birthday Denali! See you soon!

  2. sounds like a great Birthday, hope to play with you soon *Kiefer

  3. Happy birthday! You've turned out very handsome!