Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say 'hello' to....

Finnegan Huckleberry Anderson

He's being adopted by Uncle Matt and Aunt Bekki.

I haven't met him yet, but he looks like one of those super annoying puppies that I have no patience for. Mom's cousin took his mom in as a foster dog when she was pregnant, sound familiar?
Uncle Matt and Aunt Bekki had a seriously hard time deciding which puppy they wanted, and some seriously strange dog picking logic, but I guess in the end they decided on one.

Mom says not to worry, I won't be meeting him anytime soon since he'll be living in Connecticut.

And that I'm lucky, because she seriously thought she might take one home too....


  1. Oh my...that brown pup with the white face...too freaking adorable!!!!!

    Congrats on your new cousin, Denali!

  2. Watch out Denali - grandma has 2 grand - dogs to love now!! You're going to have to share!!

  3. Denali, I'm sure some day you'll like hanging out with your new cousin.

  4. Maddie can't wait to meet her new nephew!

  5. Denali,
    It is very ironic that you have 'no patience' for puppies seeing as you were an exceptionally annoying little fluffball yourself! Christian wanted to call you 'Mako' because you were SOOO incredibly mouthy AND you just NEVER got tired out!!! I think this is called Karma!
    Have fun! : )
    FosterMom Sharon